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Will a Crocodile Attack an Elephant?

A 10-foot tall 9,000-pound bundle of muscle versus a 16-foot long 900-pound package of teeth. Logic dictates that between two full-grown animals, the crocodile would want to steer clear and for the most part they do. Technically, elephants have no natural enemies. But will a crocodile attack an elephant? ...

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Elephant Appreciation Day

Every September 22, we celebrate International Elephant Appreciation Day. Established in 1996 after Wayne Hepburn of WildHeart® Productions wanted to share his love for elephants and their imagery. With no centralized events or agenda, Elephant Day is just a good time to celebrate the enriching effect these magnificent animals have in the world and on ...

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How Do Animals Know When an Earthquake is Coming?

08.25.2011 · Posted in Elephant Facts and News, Facts, News

Yet more evidence that elephants, among other animals, sense sound better than we humans do. Just seconds before the magnitude 5.9 quake that shook the East Coast of the United States on August 23, 2011, numerous animals at the National Zoo, including orangutans, gorillas, birds, and elephants made sudden calls and then attempted to move ...

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Baby Elephant Rescued from Well

10.05.2009 · Posted in News

Increased ivory poaching and individual cases of captive elephant mistreatment aside, not all’s bad in the realm of humans vs elephants. Case in point, ElephantVoices reported that a baby elephant was rescued from a well on September 17, 2009 (see “Amboseli elephant baby stuck in well – and then to orphanage“). The locals reported that ...

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