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More than an Animal: Elephants in Symbolism

Humans have been fascinated and impressed by elephants since the stone age. Elephant imagery shows up in a wide variety of places from prehistoric cave paintings to medieval art; from Asian temples to American streets. These majestic creatures have come to symbolize a wide variety of noble traits to people of different cultures. ...

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Elephant Appreciation Day

Every September 22, we celebrate International Elephant Appreciation Day. Established in 1996 after Wayne Hepburn of WildHeart® Productions wanted to share his love for elephants and their imagery. With no centralized events or agenda, Elephant Day is just a good time to celebrate the enriching effect these magnificent animals have in the world and on ...

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Elephant Art

10.14.2009 · Posted in Facts, News

Elephants need mental stimulation too. An elephant’s brain develops much like a human brain. They’re social animals who learn how to be elephants from their parents. Those elephants who grow up in captivity lean many behaviors from their human “parents.” Ever looking for ways to mentally occupy their young charges, humans have introduced elephants to ...