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Elephants Suffer From Blurred Vision

08.09.2013 · Posted in Elephant Facts and News, Facts

Did you know that elephants, who otherwise have good vision in both daylight and at night, see things blurry at both dawn and dusk? This impaired vision can cause them to become confused, frightened, and even enraged. Worse, when people see elephants they can react with loud noises and sudden, aggressive-looking movements. When elephants get ...

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Elephant Quick Facts

10.01.2009 · Posted in Facts

Here are some quick research facts about elephants: The word “Elephant” – Both Greek and Latin. The elephant’s genus is elephas wich comes form the Greek, elephos, meaning “antlered beast.” Elephant comes from the Latin ele, meaning “arch” and phant, meaning “huge.” So “elephant means “huge antlered arch beast,” or something to that effect. There ...

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