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Elephant Body Language: How You Are Like an Elephant

February 5, 2015 · By Angela Render


Animals communicate in ways that we humans don’t always understand. More and more research indicates that elephants in particular have a complex language that includes sounds that are below our range of hearing (infrasound), vibrations that we can’t feel, and chemicals we can’t smell the difference between. Here are some examples you can take with you the next time you visit a zoo or watch a nature program. Challenge yourself by trying to discern what an elephant is telling you without speaking a word.

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Why Elephant Migration is Important

January 21, 2015 · By Angela Render

Wayfinding Elephants

To continue our International Wayfinding Month series, let’s take a quick look at why elephant migration is important. Migratory routes are important to the elephants to ensure that there are enough food and water resources to support the herd. Elephants also leave a huge positive impact on the places they’ve been.

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5 Reasons an Elephant Herd Needs Its Matriarch

February 10, 2014 · By Angela Render

5. Like human leaders, elephant Matriarchs have a great influence over decision-making for the whole group. In an instance where the clan members have differing ideas over where to travel next, the Matriarch will observe, then make a decision and once she has decided, the others follow. 4. Elephant matriarchs are the center of an […]

Matriarch Leaders Intagral to Elephant Clan Survival

January 28, 2014 · By Angela Render

Research on elephants is a process and the more we study, the more remarkable and complex we discover elephant society to be. Amboseli National Park in Kenya is one of the places where much of this research is done, primarily because it’s one of the few places undisturbed by humans where a large population of […]

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Elephants Suffer From Blurred Vision

August 9, 2013 · By Angela Render

Did you know that elephants, who otherwise have good vision in both daylight and at night, see things blurry at both dawn and dusk? This impaired vision can cause them to become confused, frightened, and even enraged. Worse, when people see elephants they can react with loud noises and sudden, aggressive-looking movements. When elephants get […]

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Elephants to be Kept Together in Retirement

January 25, 2012 · By Angela Render

An elderly elephant pair gets to move together after animal rights activists and celebrity Bob Barker raised community awareness that one of the two, Connie, would be relocated to Elephant Odyssey, a refuge for older elephants. Originally, Connie would have moved alone, but thanks to community concern, her companion of 26 years, Shaba, will now […]

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Elephant Appreciation Day

September 22, 2011 · By Angela Render

Every September 22, we celebrate International Elephant Appreciation Day. Established in 1996 after Wayne Hepburn of WildHeart® Productions wanted to share his love for elephants and their imagery. With no centralized events or agenda, Elephant Day is just a good time to celebrate the enriching effect these magnificent animals have in the world and on […]

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Times of Drought Show That Male Elephants Have a Linear Hierarchy

September 8, 2011 · By Angela Render

Recent stories in Smithsonian (Male Elephants Queue in Dry Times and How Male Elephants Bond) illustrate how male elephants, like their female counterparts, form complex social relationships. These relationships, in addition to giving company, provide stability during hard times. Studies indicate that a hierarchy in male elephant society keeps down violence when resources are limited. […]

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