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Will a Crocodile Attack an Elephant?

A 10-foot tall 9,000-pound bundle of muscle versus a 16-foot long 900-pound package of teeth. Logic dictates that between two full-grown animals, the crocodile would want to steer clear and for the most part they do. Technically, elephants have no natural enemies. But will a crocodile attack an elephant? ...

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More than an Animal: Elephants in Symbolism

Humans have been fascinated and impressed by elephants since the stone age. Elephant imagery shows up in a wide variety of places from prehistoric cave paintings to medieval art; from Asian temples to American streets. These majestic creatures have come to symbolize a wide variety of noble traits to people of different cultures. ...

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Elephant Appreciation Day

Every September 22, we celebrate International Elephant Appreciation Day. Established in 1996 after Wayne Hepburn of WildHeart® Productions wanted to share his love for elephants and their imagery. With no centralized events or agenda, Elephant Day is just a good time to celebrate the enriching effect these magnificent animals have in the world and on ...

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