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Cast of Characters

Song of the Lost Clan is a story of two herds of elephants. Consequently, there are a lot of characters. Here’s a cast list as well as their genealogy. I’ve also included a list of the Gods referred to in the story.

Elephant society is matriarchal—leadership is passed down from mother to daughter—and the clans represent that. Each clan is a grouping of mothers, daughters, aunts, and nieces as well as young sons, nephews, and bothers. Once a young male elephant reaches adolescence, (between 12 ad 15 years of age) he leaves the clan and goes out on his own. He’ll sometimes join up with other males (Clan Pater in this story), or simply roam. One or two dominant bull elephants will generally keep the others in line (The Patriarch in this story).

Clan Maizah
Akanke – 9-year-old third child of Panya and Tabarai. She’s vindictive, scheming, and manipulative.
Belay – Daughter of Maizah and an unnamed father, the petite 28-year-old was raped by Jai’s father and rejected him. She’s fickle and aloof, smelling of honeysuckle.
Baingana – Dalila’s first-born doesn’t arrive until after the night the clans are betrayed. Fathered by Bem, he’s observant and extremely smart and reasoning. He keeps to his own council, likes to bait Jai, has perfect recall and already knows all the teaching songs. Has a gift for song and makes up his own. He feels like a misfit. Baingana smells of spring rain and inherited his great-grandmother, Maizah’s, intense gaze.
Binti – Youngest child of Panya and Tabarai, she begins the story an energetic and sweet-natured 5-year-old who is shattered after watching her parents murdered.
Caimile – 12-year-old daughter of Maizah and Jelani, she’s easily frightened and freezes under pressure. Lacks self-confidence.
Dalila – 17-year-old Granddaughter of Maizah, Dalila is Panya’s first-born. Fathered by Tabarai, she is in training to become Matriarch after Panya. While she’d mastered the lesser tales, she’s barely started the Great Tale. She’s discouraged and struggling, but doesn’t feel pressure since she’s 3rd in line to Matriarchy. When leadership is thrust upon her, she rises to the occasion, but feels that she’s failed. Dalila doesn’t like crowds, likes time to herself to contemplate, feels inferior to her mother, father, and grandmother because she has a violent streak that she keeps well buried. She wants desperately to be gentle and nurturing and comes across that way. She’s strong-willed, wise beyond her years, reserved, smells like sweet lilies and fresh rain, tall with long legs, gentle eyes, and perfectly shaped ears.
Jai – Bitter and neglected by his birth mother, he acts out with pranks as a youngster, ring-leading others and scheming to get them to take the blame. Later, he gets worse, desperate for recognition and respect. Jai is 6 years old the night his mother and grandmother are murdered. He has a broken tusk, punctured ear, and numerous scratches and scars from thorns acquired while setting up pranks. Surely, he smells of bitterweed. He has a chronic mite infestation and constantly scratches his ears against his shoulders.
Maizah – The Matriarch of Clan Maizah. She is 55 years old and is known for her penetrating gaze. She walks with a limp in her left rear knee. Wise and respected, she has wide-spaced orange-brown eyes and smells of wild roses. Her three children are: Panya, Belay, and Caimile.
Panya – Maizah’s first-born and daughter of Jelani, a former Patriarch. 39 years old, she is Maizah’s heir and has four children, all by the current Patirarch, Tabarai: Dalila, Slim, Akanke, and Binti. She is literal and no-nonsense, smells of the first rains after Tor-rhad’s dry months, and she’s considered very beautiful.
Salim – 13-year-old second born of Panya and Tabarai. He idolizes his father for his perceived gentleness and hates himself for the violent streak in him. He does everything he can to “rise above” his animal violence. He’s introspective, considerate, fears his own strength, reserved, smells like citrus, has perfect, white tusks, a high-bridged nose, black eyes, and barrel-chested.
Clan Maizah’s Genealogy

Clan Kasinda
Ashur – 6-year-old son of Naeem (deceased) raised by his aunt Efia. He feels pressure to prove himself because his father was a lesser ranked male and he feels like he’s constantly under Harith’s shadow and is overlooked because he lacks Odion and Ochen’s distinctiveness, Dakarai’s character or Harith’s strength. Jealous of Harith because his mother is living and feels like Efia gives more attention to Harith than him, he lets Jai lead him along because Jai pays attention to him. Desperate for approval, he clings to Jai until he gets his wake-up call. Ashur smells of clean earth after a rain.
Bandele – Second child of Olaynika and Salim’s best friend, 14-year-old Bandele is light-heated and optimistic.
Catava – First born child of Efia, the 12-year-old is Caimile’s best friend.
Dakarai – 6-year-old fourth child of Olaynika.
Efia – 30 years old, she’s Kasinda’s first born and heir. Efia’s children are Catava, Harith, and Kanene.
Kanene – 3-year-old daughter of Efia.
Kasinda – Clan Matriarch. At 50, she is confirmed as Matriarch during the story, having led her clan for four years in all but name. She has a squared-off head-knob, smells of fresh water, and has two broken tusks. Her three children are: Efia, Ramla, and Zaid.
Kayin – Ramla’s first born, he’s born after the betrayal. He’s quiet and afraid of his mother’s unpredictable temper.
Harith – 8-year-old Harith has the makings of a leader. The second born child of Efia, he has a bad reaction to the tranquilizers used on him during the betrayal and, weakened, is challenged by Jai and killed.
Naeem – Deceased first born daughter of Olaynika. Her son, Ashur was raised by Efia.
Ochen – 4-year-old twin of Odion, the pair is as quiet as their mother, Safiya, but they have a mischievous streak too. They have the same smell—mopane leaves at dusk—which is unusual in a guardian. They are quiet boys who are good at harmless, funny pranks. In part 2, they remain close to their mother and are least affected by the event. They wait to grow up and go questing.
Odion – 4-year-old twin of Ochen, the pair is as quiet as their mother, Safiya, but they have a mischievous streak too. They have the same smell—mopane leaves at dusk—which is unusual in a guardian. They are quiet boys who are good at harmless, funny pranks. In part 2, they remain close to their mother and are least affected by the event. They wait to grow up and go questing.
Olaynika – Kasinda’s younger sister, she handles most of the clan disputes, leaving her sister free to lead.
Ramla – 18-year-old Ramla is Kasinda’s second born. She’s short-tempered and sharp-tongued with perfect, white tusks. Her son, Kayin is born after the betrayal.
Safiya – 21-year-old third child of Olaynika, she is gentle and never speaks, preferring to hum. Her twin sons are Odion and Ochen.
Zaid – Kasinda’s thrid child, Zaid is 2 years old when the clans are betrayed. Not particularly bright, he tries to think for himself and considers himself a defender and true Guardian. In part 2, he loses his way and just goes along with his peers. No longer cares about defending, or anything.

Clan Kasinda’s Genealogy

Clan Pater
(Notable members)
Bem – 22-years-old, he is an unsuccessful challenger of Tabarai for the Patriarchy. He becomes Patriarch by default when Tabarai disappears. Gentle natured and very protective, he takes his guardian duties seriously. Independent minded, thoughtful, gifted with perfect memory and pitch, he smells of open water and citrus. He has a wide, high-bridged nose, he’s unusually tall with battered tusks, tattered ear tips, and a scar on the right shoulder.
Daillo – the 29-year-old hated Salim and fears him. Narcissistic, power-hungry, and self-important he wants to be Patriarch and doesn’t care how it happens. He smells of dust. Both tusks are cracked and he has multiple scars from many battles.
Jelani – Former Patriarch (deceased)
Suliman – The 36-year-old is the third ranked bull in clan Pater. He’s a doting father who loves children and takes time to talk to them.
Tabarai – Patriarch – 68-year-old bull elephant. Gentle and paternal, fiercely clinging to his title and his last fancy, Panya. He has the wisdom of age and respect of all Guardians. He smells of elf-maf’s fire. One broken tusk, the other is skewed. Torn ear, tattered tip of other ear. Covered in battle scars. Was biggest of the bull elephants, now stooped slightly with age.

Other Clans

The Gods
Elt-Maf – Lightning and Storms
Ohm-mena – Mother Earth
So-Fel – Mother Sea
Tor-rhad – Dry season
Whist-la – Great East Wind

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