Song of the Lost Clan Information and Resources on the Young Adult Novel

About the Book

Song of the Lost Clan is a young adult novel that has been described as “Watership Down” meets “Lord of the Flies” only about elephants. It’s a version of events told from the elephants’ point of view.

In the mid 1980’s, the South African government felt they needed to relocate a herd of elephants from Kruger National Park. They had neither the money nor the technology available to relocate the immense adult members of the herd.  Instead, they shot the adults and relocated the juveniles.

Ten years later, those young elephants had grown into troubled teens. Having grown up without the benefit of adult supervision and guidance, they never learned how to be proper elephants. In addition, many showed signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome—a condition brought on by seeing the violent deaths of their parents.

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