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Forever My Friend

August 20, 2015 · By Angela Render

Another song from the lost clan. This one was composed by the character Baingana.

Forever my friend,
Today and tomorrow.
When we’re apart,
It fills me with sorrow.

I hear your voice,
calling in the air.
When I need you,
You’re always there.

Forever my friend,
In good and in bad times.
When I need a word,
You give me the best rhymes.

Sweet grass, sweet fruit,
Savory fare.
Food’s always better,
With a friend here to share.

Forever my friend,
In you I can confide.
If ever we’re lost,
I’ll be there at your side.

You choose the game,
And I’ll rush to play.
You choose the path,
And I’ll lead the way.

I’d give you my last drink.
I’d give you my last bite.

My friend.


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