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Rangers Brave Elephant Mother to Save Baby Elephant From Drowning

March 30, 2015 · By Angela Render

With human poachers betraying elephants on a devastating scale, it’s amazing that these creatures can differentiate between humans who mean them harm and those who are trying to help.

In September of 2014, a baby elephant got stuck in a watering hole in Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. Concerned visitors witnessed the herd’s efforts to rescue the baby by wetting the steep bank and standing on it in order to break it down into a slope the baby could navigate.

While elephants can swim, the baby had been floundering in the water for twenty minutes and was wearing out, making time essential.

The visitors called in park rangers. Minutes later, the rangers arrived and tried to use a digger to accomplish what the elephants had been trying to do, but the noise upset the adults who charged the human rescuers. Using pick-up trucks to scare the adults away from the human rescue attempts, rangers dove into the water and managed to push it up onto the bank.

When the pick-up truck started to drive away, allowing the mother to approach her calf, the calf chased after his rescuers. Only after bringing the calf to its mother were the two reunited and the pair moved off into the brush.

For more information and pictures see the Daily Mail report.

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